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Leadership – Theory & Practice

Leadership - Theory & Practice

Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Instructions: This questionnaire contains items about different dimensions of authentic leadership. There are no right or wrong responses, so please answer honestly. Use the following scale when responding to each statement by selecting the number from the scale below that you feel most accurately characterizes your response to the statement.

1=Strongly disagree
5=Strongly Agree

I can list my three greatest weaknesses
My actions reflect my core values
I seek others' opinions before making up my own mind
I openly share my feelings with others
I can list my three greatest strengths
I do not allow group pressure to control me
I listen closely to the ideas of those who disagree with me
I let others know who I truly am as a person
I seek feedback as a way of understanding who I really am as a person
Other people know where I stand on controversial issues
I do not emphasize my own point of view at the expense of others
I rarely present to "false" front to others
I accept the feelings I have about myself
My morals guide what I do as a leader
I listen very carefully to the ideas of others before making decisions
I admit my mistakes to others